About Brittany

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Brittany Risher is an accomplished writer, editor, and digital strategist. After working for health and lifestyle magazines and websites for nine years, she chose the freelance path so she can work with and help more people.

She specializes in creating content that boosts traffic, engagement, sales, and brand awareness. Her preference for all things to be organized and on time resulted in being a manager of sorts (even if that wasn't her official title) since her job at MensHealth.com.

Whether it's a single project or an entire site, she knows how to develop a digital strategy that meets her clients' needs (and their staff size).

And, naturally, she can write and edit (check out her latest articles), with a focus on mental health, healthy eating, yoga, mindfulness, health, fitness, and lifestyle.

When she's not working too much, she enjoys yoga, strength training, and other workouts; cooking vegan meals; traveling to places where she can hike and lay in the sun (wearing SPF, of course); and hitting NYC bars for scotch, craft cocktails, and earthy Italian red wine.

For her full list of experience and educational background, see her LinkedIn. But really, enough about Brittany.