Content Strategy and Editorial Direction

As the current editorial director for and past interim digital director for, I'm well-versed in creating and executing content strategies. This can include your website, newsletters, social media, content marketing, or all of the above. I develop strategies for new sites, brands that are relaunching, and one-off projects.

Project Management and Calendars

My years of experience managing projects and editorial calendars—including as managing editor for and product manager for Everyday Health's My Take—inform how I develop timelines for projects and calendars for blogs, social media, and more. I always develop these plans with an eye to your goals, SEO, current conditions (promotions, holidays, etc), and your bandwidth, and use analytics to adjust as necessary.


In my career, I worked my way up from assistant editor to managing editor to deputy editor to editorial director. I'm happy to work directly with freelance writers and assign them (and have a slew of contacts if you need writers). I also copyedit everything from newsletters and articles to online courses and downloadable books.

Content Marketing

Both of my degrees are in journalism, but in all of my full-time jobs and as a freelancer, I've also done content marketing. As a journalist, I know how to conduct research and interview people to then craft compelling, emotional stories. As a content marketer, I know how to nurture a relationship with audiences and turn casual readers into loyal followers, who then become buyers. I grew Sonima's Elev8d Fitness membership 74 percent in one month. Let me do the same for you.

Writing and Storytelling

Whichever you prefer to call it, it's all about engaging with your audience so they remember your words and brand. I write copy for: websites (with or without an SEO focus), magazines, ebooks, newsletters, social media, marketing materials, and product packaging. And the topics I write about run the gamut: mental health, men's and women's health, mindfulness and meditation, yoga, fitness, profiles, nutrition, food, sex, relationships, lifestyle, cocktails, wine, and spirits. If there's another type of content or topic you're interested in having me cover, just ask!

Content (re)Branding

Whether you are starting a new company or re-inventing your company, you need a consistent and distinct voice—which includes both words and visuals—that resonates with your target market. I helped launch and relaunch, and matured the voice at I know what it takes to develop and fine-tune all aspects of your brand to be effective on all platforms.

Content Creation

After more than a decade in media working for everyone from startups to major publishing companies, I have connections. And while I probably can't get you into the VIP room at any swanky NYC clubs, I can create a team of writers, editors, social media editors, photographers, videographers, designers, and more to help you create whatever content you need to meet your goals.

Other Services

I'm always up for learning new things and connecting people. Have a need that's not listed here? Ask me and I'll let you know if I can help or if I know someone else who can.


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