How can Brittany help you?

Writing and Editing
Brittany is available to write content for any needs: website, social media, newsletters, packaging, marketing—just about anything. She knows how to speak to your audience in their language so that they will understand and take action. She can also edit all of these materials and copy edit.

Managing and Calendars
With years of experience managing projects and editorial calendars, Brittany can develop timelines for projects and calendars for your blog, social media, and more. She always develops these plans with an eye to your goals, current conditions (i.e. promotions, holidays, etc), and your bandwidth.

Development of Brand
Each brand has its own distinct voice, which includes both words and visuals. How can you be sure your voice is resonating with your target market?

Since Brittany helped launch and also matured the voice at Greatist, she knows what it takes to develop and fine-tune all aspects of your brand to be effective in digital materials and on social media. Naturally she relies on analytics to refine this strategy.

Content Creation
Everyone wants to produce content these days, and Brittany only creates the most effective content for top brands. With her connections, she can find and work with writers, photographers, and videographers who “get” your brand.

You already know people? Excellent. She can develop the ideas for them to produce and manage their work, using analytics to track performance and intelligently make any changes.

Other Services
Have a need that's not listed here? Ask Brittany and she'll let you know if she can help or if she knows someone else who can.


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